The Bottom Line on Hair Removal Lasers

Many hair removal lasers imitate one another. Seasoned laser professionals can recognize the similarities between devices as well as the claims they make. The truth is simple – not all manufacturers of hair removal lasers are known for innovation. Alma Lasers, a company committed to not only staying on the cutting edge of technology but sharpening it, prefers to stand above the pack.

Alma revolutionized laser hair removal with the advent of SHR™, Super Hair Removal, and IN-Motion™ technology. Alma’s Soprano Family quickly developed a loyal following. Then we raised the bar again with Soprano ICE, a hair removal laser designed to the same exacting standards and with even greater competitive advantages. Here’s what Lynn Pattishall of Renu Lasers and Skin Care in Colorado had to say about upgrading to Soprano ICE:

It’s important to note that, as Lynn put it, time really is money. A hair removal laser built with the operator’s success in mind will help the operator to treat more patients in any given amount of time, therefore helping a practice to improve profitability and better serve patients. At the same time, efficacy must remain high and patients deserve a comfortable treatment. Isn’t that the bottom line for hair removal lasers?

The Soprano ICE answers the needs of the laser hair removal professionals. We could go on all day, of course, but it’s best to experience it yourself. So click here more info or to schedule an onsite demonstration.

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