Soprano ICE Vs. a Case of Hobbit Feet

The Doctors have a challenge – hairy feet; and not just any hair removal laser technology is up for the challenge. Rami has long suffered with a problem – extremely hairy feet. Most of us can relate to an unruly hair here-and-there on our toes, but Rami is forced to wear socks with his sandals. Fortunately, Alma’s Soprano ICE laser hair removal technology was on hand to help Rami solve his problem. Here’s the clip:

Click here to learn more about Soprano ICE. It’s only fair to point-out that the Soprano ICE offers many advantages that have raised the bar for hair removal lasers across the globe:

  • Faster treatment times with Speed™ Technology – The Soprano ICE can operate at 10 hertz per second, creating one of the fastest treatment times in the world. If you could treat more patients in the same amount of time, would you?
  • Additional cooling to minimize patient discomfort – Every patient deserves to leave your office with a good – and virtually painless – story to tell.
  • Laser hair removal without numbing gels – Pre-treatment times required to apply numbing agents can take time away from what matters most; caring for your patients.
  • SHR and IN-Motion™ technology produces extremely effective results – Super Hair Removal from Alma changed the business of laser hair removal. Replace no-pain, no-gain with Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ using a proven technology and treatment that’s in demand.
  • No per-treatment disposable – lowering your cost of ownership and helping your achieve ROI faster.
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We’re happy to say that the advantages continue. But we’d like to tell you in-person, face-to-face. In fact, find the patient with the hairiest feet and we’ll be happy to schedule your on-site demo. Click the button to your right to do so.