Hair Removal Lasers Have a New Bar to Reach

Finally – a hair removal laser that makes treatment more comfortable for the patients and the provider. Of course, we’re talking about the Soprano®ICE, the latest rendition of our Soprano Family. We’re excited about this laser for a number of reasons. We’ll share more about ICE and its competitive advantages in a bit. For now, let’s take a trip down memory lane…

We like to think of the early stages of laser hair removal as the no-pain, no-gain era. Some providers turned up the radio volume to cover the patient’s yelps and cries for mercy. It was not a glorious time and many patients did not return to complete their treatment.

In 2007, Alma released its Soprano system and, shortly thereafter, introduced the marketplace to Super Hair Removal, SHR™. The industry raised quite a bit of noise about the 10 Hz per second and the concept of gradually heating the targeted area. However, hair removal professionals experienced the technology and gave it high marks. Our branded treatment, Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ quickly gained momentum and in our opinion raised the bar for all hair removal lasers. We were flattered by subsequent devices (that we won’t mention here) which mimicked the soothing heating mechanisms and cooling.

Late in 2010, Alma improved the Soprano XL with its Soprano XLi. One professional nicknamed the device, “…Tall, dark and handsome.” Again, the Soprano XLi quickly rose to the top of the hair removal matrix and professionals across the globe embraced the technology. Now, we’re proud and excited to tell you about Soprano ICE.

The Soprano ICE features improved cooling for patient comfort, fast SHR and IN-Motion™ technology plus a lighter handpiece for the soprano_ice_machineoperator.

Like we said above – this is the laser that strives to make laser hair removal more comfortable for the patient and the provider.

It’s our pleasure, therefore, to help you achieve the following with ICE:

  • Reduce operator fatigue and ensure the last treatment of the day has the same coverage as the first.
  • Complete more treatments in the same amount of time thanks to SHR.
  • Stop wasting operating-time applying pre-treatment analgesics and spend more time adding to your bottom line.
  • Go virtually painless. Give laser hair removal patients an experience they’ll tell their friends and family about.
  • Provide laser hair removal to all. The ICE is ready for all skin types (Fitz I – VI) and even tanned skin.
  • Create additional revenue streams from the same amazing device.

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